About Before We Forget

More than 22,000 Singaporeans have dementia. These numbers are expected to increase eightfold by 2050, but negative stereotypes create a stigma that hinders people from learning more about dementia.

When Jeremy Boo, then 22, and Lee Xian Jie, then 21, saw how this stigma perpetuate myths, misconception, and ignorance, they realised that dementia in Asia lacks a human face.

Believing that stigma can only be destroyed with conversations, they set up Before We Forget, a youth-led initiative that fosters conversations about dementia, with support from the Lien Foundation’s Life Before Death campaign.

Jeremy and Xian Jie also filmed the lives of two women with dementia and their families for over a year. The observational documentary was an Official Selection at the Southeast Asian Film Festival, New York City Filmmaker’s Festival, and the Pyongyang International Film Festival.

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“勿忘我” 是由一群青少年自发率领的计划。在连氏基金有生之年” 企划的支援下,为了发掘更多有关失智症的讯息,“勿忘我”正在积极征求投稿,希望失智症病患或家属能把自己的亲身体验与全世界分享。