Media Release

10 Aug 2011


Stories, photos, videos of experiences with dementia to feature in September exhibitions at VivoCity, Jurong Regional Library and The Arts House

More than 22,000 Singaporeans have dementia. These numbers are expected to increase eightfold by 2050, but negative stereotypes and fearful myths create stigma that prevents people from learning more about dementia.

An online platform,, started by Jeremy Boo, 22, and Lee Xian Jie, 21, aims to foster conversations about dementia. Aside from public contributions, bloggers Gilbert Koh (Mr Wang Says So), Benjamin Lee (Mr Miyagi), and award-winning photojournalist Bob Lee have shared stories.

A selection of stories and photographs will be exhibited at VivoCity South Avenue (30 Aug – 8 Sep), Jurong Regional Library (1 – 30 Sep), and The Arts House Screening Gallery (10 – 25 Sep). The three exhibitions coincide with World Alzheimerʼs Day on 21 September.

Jeremy and Xian Jie have also been filming a year in the life of two families and their journey with dementia. The observational documentary is possibly the first featuring Asians with dementia.

“It is clear that neurological disorders will be the scourge of our generation, and dementia is going to overwhelm our society,” says Jeremy. “Many dramas and movies have portrayed people with dementia as lost or ʻblankʼ, and make the disease larger than the person suffering from it,” says Xian Jie. “We want to change this with stories from real people and an insightful documentary”.

The full-length documentary will be privately screened for members of the media and invited guests at The Arts House on 10 September.

Download the Media Release (147KB). Includes exhibition details, selected exhibits, documentary synopsis and background information.