Photo Challenge Results

29 Aug 2011

After going through more than 50 submissions to the Photo Challenge, we have selected two winning entries and two runner-ups.

This decision is made based on the strength of the stories behind the photographs and aesthetic quality. Only four participants were selected as the other entries did not meet these expectations.

All four selected participants win a half-day Photojournaliam Workshop with Bob Lee, an award-winning photojournalist.

Both winning entries were of grandmothers – Jeffrey Liam, 39, submitted a photo essay, and Ng Kai Jie, 24, submitted a portrait. Runners-up Tan Hwee Ting and Hendry Poh submitted an old family portrait and an abstract interpretation respectively.

The winning entries will be exhibited at three locations while the runners-up will be exhibited at Jurong Regional Library for the month of September. A photograph from both winners will be printed on postcards to be distributed across Singapore.

Winner | Jeffrey Liam: The Lamp
This photo of my aunt putting my grandmother to bed reminds me of the nights when grandmother used to go through 4D lottery results by the light of a kerosene lamp on her table. Read his story.

When I photographed grandma, I thought: What is she thinking? How does she feel? It gave me a sense of void, a sense of peace, a sense of being in between states where everything is incomprehensible.

Our help is Muna and she is from Indonesia. While family support is important, taking care of a person with dementia is difficult and would in our case require a full time, experienced nurse.

These old photos show grandmother’s third son, Tiam Hock. He passed away many years ago. When I found these photos in her bedroom drawer, almost all the photos were of him.

Winner | Ng Kai Jie: Remembering Grandma
Grandma was happiest during Chinese New Year. She would sometimes think that it’s that time of the year and hurry to get her red packets. She passed away in my arms on the first day this Chinese New Year. Read his story.

Runner up | Hendry Poh: Which Way Up
The human mind is so mysterious; will unravelling it take away what makes us special?

Runner up | Tan Hwee Ting: Old Family Portrait
The handsome man in the middle is my grandpa. He suffered from dementia and died when I was nine. At that age, not understanding dementia left me frustrated whenever I talked to him. I wish I knew. Read her story.