Reader’s Digest Asia

29 Sep 2011

Read Jeremy’s story about Joyce and Celine Fernandez in the October issue of Reader’s Digest Asia. The story appears as a 12-page bonus read on pages 120-131. Out now – Get a copy of Reader’s Digest today from major bookstores and magazine stands. Now on the Reader’s Digest website.

Dementia is on the rise in Asia, placing a huge burden on a growing army of carers, who are often family members. Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common cause of dementia, but it’s often used as an umbrella term for several conditions which cause dementia. Most of these conditions are currently incurable, and cause progressive, irreversible brain damage.

More often than not, people aren’t able to get the care they need. Mental and neurological disorders impose a huge range of costs on individuals, families, employers, and society as a whole, from the cost of care to the cost of lost productivity.

This is the story of how one family in Asia is living with dementia. It’s a tale of the best kind of love possible – a love that endures.

Reader’s Digest Asia, October 2011, Bonus Read, “Before We Forget” by Jeremy Boo with photographs by Lee Xian Jie, Pages 120-131.