So that Dad can be Dad forever

16 Jul 2011By Kaiying, Singapore

I love my Dad, but can this be forever?

He is the dignified, stoic man who is my pillar of support throughout my life. I am thankful for him, for the good times we’ve spent together, the lessons he has taught me, the advice he gave me and the philosophies of life he shared with me to make me a better person.

For all that he is, how can I not love him?

Yet, if in years to come, he is no longer what he is and used to be, can I still love him?

Dad is still very alert these days, but there are times when his memory fails him, even for simple things like what he had for dinner a day ago or for facts I’ve told him a thousand times. Or when he started saying mean things about others, something that I don’t usually hear from him. In such instances, I came to realise that Dad can’t be Dad forever. What I have loved him for could slowly ebb away one day.

When his memory fails him, I get worried that he will one day be struck with Dementia or the likes of it. I then urge him to eat more ginko nuts, hoping the old wives’ tale that it’ll help prevent memory loss will, indeed, work on him. All I want is to help him preserve his memory and sanity.

Just so that I don’t lose Dad.