Remembering grandma

10 Aug 2011By Ng Kaijie

Grandma’s memories have stood still since I entered National Service. Despite my ORD 3 years ago, she has never stopped asking me good-naturedly when I would complete my service.

My mother would tease her, saying that I’m getting married soon, and that she would be a great-grandmother. It was then that she would realise that her memory was failing her, and/or play along, and we would all share a laugh.

This photograph was taken then. I felt it reflected how happy one could still be, despite having a illness that so cripples the mind.

I thought photographing her was a fitting way to remember her, since she was born in a time when digital cameras didn’t exist. You could almost see her amazement and wonder when I showed her the digital photo. While she might have forgotten, the good thing about our age is that she won’t be.