Grandma’s in Wonderland

09 Sep 2011By Ng Kaijie

Mad hatter
Buck-toothed, crazy-eyed,
even logic’s said its good-bye.
Literary nonsense couldn’t prepare us more
For You licking gruel off the ground floor

Track-marked face
North-south, or East-West?
now the cheshire cat asks in jest.
your habitual grandson-to-grandson trips a month ago
that’s when Your mind’s concession decided to go

We can afford it
A private car, private carriage,
only when your mind’s turned to cabbage.
Grant you your shimmery rosary beads
Drawn by a foreign tanned steed

Your last
Train is coming, train is coming
In case of emergency, press to hear the fat lady sing.
Or if You’d prefer, I have Your storybook, let’s go
Thud-thud-thud-again, down the Rabbit Hole

Ng Kaijie is one of the winners of the Photo Challenge. He previously shared “Remembering Grandma“.