To my beloved mother

11 Nov 2011By Salimah Binte Abdul Hamid, Singapore

To my beloved mother:

How I miss your presence in my life. Though your body is still here, dementia has stolen your memory and taken you away from us. Eight years have passed since dementia first appeared in your life, and it has completely conquered your mind. You are no longer aware of your own identity, let alone the identities of those whom you so loved before.

As your child, it is extremely saddening to watch what you have to go through. The only thing I can do is to simply surround you with love and affection, as you did when you were raising us, so that the rest of your life may be filled with happiness and be free from worries.

Though the stress and exhaustion can sometimes take its toll on my patience, I’ll try my best to contain my frustrations. Mother, please forgive me for my moments of weakness. I will always remember the love and affection you showered upon me in your health, to strengthen my patience and respect for you.

My dearest mother, thank you for being so loving and for always wanting the best for me. Your happiness and good health will always be in my prayers.

Read the original letter in Bahasa Melayu. This translation is provided by Salimah’s daughter, Azira Amran, who also shared a story about her grandmother.