Watch Before We Forget on Vimeo

14 Sep 2013By Jeremy Boo & Lee Xian Jie

We started work on this documentary in 2011. It was first screened in 2012. In Singapore alone at least a thousand people have watched it on the silver screen. And we were truly surprised at who turned up in the audience. We never expected youths our age to turn up in droves to watch a documentary about dementia.

Later, we got emails from schools, voluntary associations, and even hospitals, all requesting for preview screeners. We sent many of those out. Yet we couldn’t oblige to requests for public screenings because we wanted to give the film a chance at the festivals.

Since then, Before We Forget has been seen by audiences in places like New York City, and even Pyongyang. Next week we commemorate World Alzheimer’s Day. It is a reminder that the conversation about dementia should never end.

So we want anybody to be able to watch the documentary free-of-charge, because we know that the Fernandez and Wong families’ stories are an important part of this conversation. Share their story with your friends on Facebook by using this link: And if you have a story of your own to tell, share it with all of us.

P.S. Some have have asked if we’re making DVDs because hospitals and nursing homes tend not to have fast internet connections. And sometimes preloading video can be a really messy affair. So we’re looking to see what the demand for DVDs is like before we decide on the quantity we’ll make. The estimated cost is between S$15 to S$25, excluding postage. We have a preorder form that will be open for a month. It will close on 21 October 2013. We’ll make the DVDs if we get more than a hundred orders. On 21 October, you’ll get to know what happens.